Manual Easy Design Setting

Easy Design Setting
05 /19 2010
Easy Design Setting

In the easy design setting, you can set these things:
1. BBS type
2. BBS title & header decoration
3. Font (font size and letter colors)
4. Page display (background color & background images)
5. Form
6. Entry (topics and comments)

1. BBS types

Choose a BBS type from these 3 types below and set it up!
(You must disable the template function to use these BBS types.)

(1) Multithreading Type: all entries are shown
(2) Multi Topic Type: a topic list is shown
(3) Thread Float Type: Japanese 2 channel BBS type

* The Multi Topic Type has been set for mobile phone.
* If the template function is enabled on PC, the template type BBS will be set.
* When the template function is not disabled, you can not use these BBS types.

Click on here to see the template function in details.

2. BBS Title and Header Decoration

HTML tag can be also inserted into the upper section of the BBS.
(eg. FC2 Analyzer tag is ideal and it can be inserted easily.)

(1) BBS Title
Enter a BBS's title winin 30 letters.
        The BBS title is the common BBS title for both PC and mobile phone.
        Around 20 letters are recommended for mobile phone screen.
        *A tag can not be used for the BBS title.
(2) Letter color for a BBS title
Choose a letter color for a BBS title.

(3) Title Image's URL
           An image can be used as a BBS title instead of letters.
        Enter the URL of the image you want to use as the BBS title.
        After entering the URL and inserting the image, the letters of the title will be gone.

(4) Uploading the title image file
          After uploading the image, the image's URL becomes the title image's URL.  
       *jpg, png, gif images can be uploaded up to 64KB.                                           

(5) Sub-title (for PC only)
       Enter a sub-title of a BBS.
       A sub-title can be used as an explanation of the BBS.
       (You can enter a HTML tag as a sub-title.)

3. Font
Make the settings for a font size and letter colors.

(1) Font Size: a letter size shown in the BBS.

(2) Basic letter color:
the basic letter color for "name", "subject","message", "image",
        "mail address", "homepage", "letter color", "delete key", and etc.

(3) Link color: a letter color to indicate letters with a link.

(4) Clicked link color : a letter color to indicate a link which has been clicked.
        After letters with a link are clicked, they will get the color you have set as a clicked

(5) Active link color: a letter color to indicate a link which changes the color while being

(6) On mouse link color:
a letter color to indicate a link being pointed by a mouth.

(7) Subject letter color: a letter color for a subject.

(8) Letter color for a submitter's name:
a letter color for a submitter's name.

(9) Letter Color for Date & Time: a letter color for a posting date and time.

4. Page Display
Make settings of page background colors and background images.

(1) Page background color: a page background color

(2) Uploading the background image: Upload an image and insert it to the   
background.  Then the uploaded image's URL becomes the background image's
        * jpg, png, gif images can be uploaded up to 64KB.

(3) Repetition of the Background Image: When the background images are specified,
        you can set the display order of the
images. Choose a display order from below.

        ♦ Horizontal & Vertical Repetition (standard): The specified images are shown
           repeatedly in horizontal way and vertical way.    
        ♦ Horizontal Repetition: The specified images are shown repeatedly in horizontal 
           way only.
        ♦ Vertical Repetition: the specified images are shown repeatedly in vertical way
        ♦ No repetition: only one of the specified images is shown at the left top of the

(4) Fixing a background image:
        When putting a check mark in, the background image is fixed and it won't move
        even if you scroll it. Only letters shown can be scrolled.

5. Form

Make a setting of designs for a posting form.  The followings are the items of the posting form.

(1) Choice of entering a sex:

        When posting, you can choose either entering your sex (male or female) or not
        entering it.

(2) Use of icons (for PC only):
        When writing a message, use an icon to show your feelings.
        You can also use your original icons and make your BBS a unique one!
(3) Selection of a letter color for a message:
When "Selection of a letter color for a message" is "on",
            - you can set the letter colors for the message when posting as the initial 8 colors.             -
"the selection color No.1"  is compulsory.
        ♦ When
"Selection of a letter color for a message" is "off",
            - the specified basic letter colors are set for the letter color.
(4) Display of the icon input window:
        Set either displaying or not displaying the icon input window of your mobile phone.
        When you put a check mark into your mobile phone company's name, the icon which
        enables you to use your mobile phone company's icons will come up above the
        posting form, and then submitter will be able to input  those icons.

(5) Display of the video inserting window:

        When the video inserting window is set for "on", the icon for inserting a video will
        come up above the message input section.
        Click on the icon or the letter  "video", then the window for inserting a video will be

6. Entry section (topics, comments and images)
        You can set designs of an entry section.

Background color of subject and submitter's name:
        Set a background color for a subject and a submitter's name.

(2) Width of comment:
        Set a width of a comment 50% to 100% of the entry display width.
        There are 11 levels.

(3) Display methods of the e-mail address:

        If an e-mail address is entered when posting, you can select a display method of the
        e-mail link.
        ♦ "name"               → the submitter's name is displayed.
"default image" → the image of the e-mail registered initially at FC2 BBS is
"original image"→ you can display any image as you like
        *See "URL of the e-mail address" for details.

(4) URL of the e-mail address image:
        Enter the URL of the e-mail address image you specify, and click on "Reflect the
        setting".  The e-mail address image will be reflected.

        *When you register the URL of the page from outside, the background can not be
        displayed from the page on which the direct link is prohibited.

        Another way to reflect an image is;
        First, post the image you like to your BBS.  Then right-click on the posted image and
        copy the URL of the image displayed in the "Property".  After acquiring the image's
        URL, enter the URL into the text box and click on the button "Reflect the setting". 
        the image is reflected.

(5) Uploading the e-mail image:
        The uploaded image becomes the e-mail image's URL.
        *jpg/png/gif  images can be uploaded up to 64KB.

(6) URL of the homepage image:
        When the message you want to post has a URL, you can set displaying the URL to
        the image.
Enter the URL of the image you specify.

        * When you don't specify the URL of the image, [Home] will be displayed.
        * On all mobile phone, [URL] will be displayed.

(7) Uploading the homepage image:
        The uploaded image's ULR will be set as the homepage image's URL.
        * jpg, png, gif images can be uploaded up to 64KB.

(8) Displaying the submitter's remote host name:
        You can set displaying the submitter's remote host name.                
        *When choosing "display", only the last half will be displayed in the BBS.
        (for example: *.so-net.ne.jp)

When you complete the setting, click on "Reflect the setting".


Welcome to FC2!