Manual Original Icon Setting

Original Icon Setting
05 /19 2010
Original Icon Setting
1. How many original icons can we display?
You can set 1 to 20 of your original icons.

* When you change the setting number, the amount of reduction and increase will be reset to the default icons.

For example, you first set the number of original icons 20, and change the the number from 20 to 10. And then you change the number from 10 to 20 again. Now, No.1 - No.10 icons are the original icons and No.11 - No.20 icons are the default icons.

* If you want to use 20 of your original icons again after changing the setting, you must reset.

2. How to set original icons
You can set the following things in the original icon setting;
♦ Name of icon
♦ Uploaded URL
♦ Uploading icon images

* jpg, png, gif images can be uploaded up to 32 KB.

When you complete the setting, click on "Reflect the setting".

And also when the display is having problems after the change of setting or when you want to change the setting to the standard, click on "Reset to the default icons".



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