Q&A Registration

05 /19 2010

Q. How many BBSs can I make?
A. You can make one BBS per one FC2ID.
When you want to make several BBSs, please acquire other FC2IDs.

Q. I want to change the registered e-mail address.
A. You can change it on the management page of FC2ID.
Login to FC2ID, and click on "Edit ID".
Then, follow the procedure for alteration.

Q. I forgot the user name and password.
A. Please contact us at the inquiries. We will check them for you.
Please write your BBS's URL and the e-mail address you have registered
in the inquiry form. 

Q. How can I cancel the BBS service?
A. You can cancel the BBS service on the FC2ID management page.
Please note that you can not cancel the BBS service on the BBS management page.
First, log in to FC2ID, and go to the management page.
Then click on the cross sign next to the service name "BBS".
Your registration to the BBS will be canceled, and your BBS will be deleted.

* Please note that you can not restore the deleted BBS once you cancel the registration
to the BBS service.



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