Manual About FC2 BBS

About FC2 BBS
05 /19 2010
About FC2 BBS

FC2 BBS is a highly functional & high speed analyzer.

All the functions are FREE!

Anybody can use this service.

Post images and illustrations with a message.

Show off your own car's pictures on the FC2 BBS!

You can also post pictures of your original lunch recipe or

illustrations of your favorite animation characters to the FC2 BBS.

Get comments from your visitors and enjoy communication!

Changing BBS designs is EASY!

Customize designs as you like!


Manual Let's register FC2 BBS!

Let's register FC2 BBS!
05 /19 2010
Let's register to FC2 BBS!

♦ If you don't have FC2ID,
1. Go to FC2 top page (http://fc2.com/), and click on [Sing Up] on the left.
2. Enter your e-mail address and the number, and go on to the temporary registration.
3. You will receive a confirmation e-mail. Access to the URL written in the e-mail.
4. Your registration for FC2ID is done!

♦ If you already have a FC2ID,
1. Go to FC2 Top Page (http://fc2.com/), and log in.
2. After logging in, click on "Add Services" on the left.
3. Find "FC2 BBS" and click on "Add this service".
4. Your registration for FC2 BBS is done!

About the registration for FC2 BBS
Fill in the necessary items of the FC2 BBS registration form.

• User ID (your FC2 BBS user ID):
        You can have your favorite user ID. 
        You can not change the user ID after the registration.
        Use alphanumeric characters and [-], 3 to 16 characters. 
        The first character can not be [-].

• BBS's URL: [http://userID.bbs.fc2.com/] will be your BBS's URL.

• BBS Category: You can choose a BBS category.
        If you use adult contents in the BBS, you must choose "adult category".
        Once you set it as "adult category", you can not change the category any more.

After entering all the items, click on "FC2 BBS New Registration".

Manual Withdraw the registration

Withdraw the registration
05 /19 2010
Withdraw the Registration

How to withdraw the FC2 BBS service

1. Log in to FC2ID.

2. Find the service name "FC2 BBS" on the management panel.

3. Click on a cross sign "X" next to the service name "FC2 BBS".

4. Your withdrawal from the FC2 BBS service is done!

*Please be careful, once you have withdrawn from the FC2 BBS service,
all the information of your BBS will be lost, and there is no way to restore it.

Manual Let's post an entry to BBS!!

05 /19 2010
Let's post an entry to BBS!!

When you post an entry to BBS, you must enter your name and text.
Name and  text are requirement for both posting to your own BBS and posting to a BBS which is managed by other user.

Without a name and a text, you can not post an entry to BBS.

Posting images
GID, JPEG, PNG images up to 500KB can be uploaded.
Click on the [upload] button to find an image in your PC. Then the image will be shown in the entry.

Setting of an edit/delete password
When you set an edit/delete password at posting of an entry, you can edit or delete the entry you have posted after posting.

* An edit/delete password is a password you can set when you post an entry.
* You can set a respective edit/delete password each time you post an entry.
* An edit/delete password must be 4 to 8 alphabetical letters.

Manua Log in to the management page

Login to Manage Page
05 /19 2010
Log in to the management page

How to log in

1. Go to the FC2 Top Page (http://id.fc2.com/)
    or the FC2 BBS Top Page (http://bbs.fc2.com/)
2. Log in.

* If you log in from FC2ID, click on a hammer mark next to the service name "FC2 BBS"  to log in to the management page of the FC2 BBS.

Let's look at the management page!

On the management page, you can make settings for BBS designs, functions,
log management, taboo words, changing of registration information and others.

How to log out

Click on [Log out] on the right top of the management page.


Welcome to FC2!