Manual Counter Setting & Open/Private Mode Setting

Counter/Open to public
05 /19 2010
Counter Setting & Open/Private Mode Setting

1. Counter Setting
(1) Display methods of the counter
You can choose either showing or not showing.

Showing the counter: You show the counter on the BBS.
Not showing the counter: You do not show the counter on the BBS

(2) Color setting of the counter
You can also set a color of the numbers in the counter.

(3) Counter Value
Enter a number as the counter value.

After you set the counter value, the counter starts counting from the value you have set.

It is convenient when you want to keep the counter value at your another BBS.
If you transfer from another company's BBS, you can set the counter starting from the value you already have.

2. Open or private mode setting
You can make your BBS open to the public or secret (private mode).
(1) Open to the public
        All visitors can view your BBS.                

(2) Secret (private mode)
        When you don't want your BBS to be seen by your friends or other people, you can
        set the private mode.
        You need to set a password to set up the private mode.
        Only the users who know the password can view your BBS.

♦ Password: Letters within 16 letters.
♦ Message while the private mode:
Letters within 254 letters.
        The message you enter in this setting is shown in the password input screen.

When the setting is completed, click on "Reflect the setting".



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