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Design Setting
05 /19 2010
Design Setting

Q. Images on mobile phone are displayed small.
A. On mobile phone, the sizes of images are displayed according to their mobile phone's screen.
With some mobile phone types, images are not displayed on the entire screen

Q. Can I customize a design by style sheet (CSS) or HTML as I like?
A. Yes, you can.
The FC2 BBS has a template function, and with this function you can customize a design as you like.
In order to customize a disign, you need knowledge of CSS and HTML to edit a template. Then you can customize a posting form and a display postion of an icon.

To enable the template function, first go to the management page. Then go to "Editting templates".
Choose "valid" for the template function. The template function is enabled.

Q. I don't understand how to cumstomize the template.
A. We can not support for questions like how to customize the template or how to write HTML.
Please see reference books on your own.

Q. The BBS design setting is not reflected.

A. When the template function is set for "on", the template design has superiority to be reflected.
If you would like to arrange the looks by "The BBS design setting", set the template function for "off".

Q. I can not set the BBS type (Multi Topic Type, etc).

A. Make sure if the template function disabled. When the template function is on, you can not use the BBS type.

Even if you have set the template function off and still can not use the BBS type setting, contact us from the inquiries with the details.

Q. The background image is not reflected.

A. When you register the URL of the page from outside, it can not display the background from the page in which the direct link is prohibited.

In such a case, please do the following procedure to get the background image reflected.

Go to your BBS management page, and choose "Easy Design Settings". Then click on "font/page",
and click on "Background Image file Upload". After uploading the background image file, it reflects the background image URL automatically. Now the background image is displayed.

There is another way to get the background image reflected.
First, post the background image to your BBS. Next, right-click on the displayed image, copy the image's URL and acquire the image's URL. Then go to the setting of the management page. Register the acquired URL to the background image's URL.
The setting is done. The background image is now reflected.

Q. I want to display only topics.
A. Use the Multi Topic Type.
First, log in to the management page, and go to "Easy Design". Click on "The BBS type" and choose "Multi Topic Type" (Displaying the Topic List). Then the setting is done.




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