Manual Let's post an entry to BBS!!

05 /19 2010
Let's post an entry to BBS!!

When you post an entry to BBS, you must enter your name and text.
Name and  text are requirement for both posting to your own BBS and posting to a BBS which is managed by other user.

Without a name and a text, you can not post an entry to BBS.

Posting images
GID, JPEG, PNG images up to 500KB can be uploaded.
Click on the [upload] button to find an image in your PC. Then the image will be shown in the entry.

Setting of an edit/delete password
When you set an edit/delete password at posting of an entry, you can edit or delete the entry you have posted after posting.

* An edit/delete password is a password you can set when you post an entry.
* You can set a respective edit/delete password each time you post an entry.
* An edit/delete password must be 4 to 8 alphabetical letters.



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