Manual Handling of BBS Logs

Handling of BBS Logs
05 /19 2010
Handling of BBS Logs

1) How to handle BBS logs
If you are a BBS's administrator:
1. Go to the management page.
2. Go to [Log management] > [Topic list].
3. In the topic list, you can edit and delete entries.
Click on the [edit] icon next to the topic you wish to edit or delete.
4. When you click on a title of topic, you can read comments if there are some.
5. Click on "Show" to display the topic's BBS.

* Even if you see an entry which an editing and deleting password has not been set, you can edit or delete it under the administrator's authority.

* The administrator's log shows you a submitter's user agent and host name.

* If you delete a topic, all the comments within the topic will be deleted also.
It is not like when a non-administrator user deletes a topic. It shows no signs of having been deleted like. In other words, it is completely deleted.

If you are a BBS'S non-administrator:
When you set an edit/delete password at posting of an entry, you can edit or delete the entry after posting.

* When you delete the topic with the edit/delete password, only the topic will be deleted and the comments within the topic will remain.

2) Editing of entries
The font color of the message and the delete password cannot be changed. (The delete password is removable.)

Posted images cannot be uploaded or replaced. (Removing images is OK.)

After editing, click on "Edit".

3) Spam reporting is available.

Click on the spam report icon in the topic you want to report as a spam.


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