Manual Access Restrictions

Access Restrictions
05 /19 2010
Access Restrictions
Access Restriction Settings
When you register host names and IP addresses, you can reject accesses from the registered host names and IP addresses.

All the host names and IP addresses you specify will be rejected. Please be careful not to specify wrong ones.

When you click on "Host UA" in "Log Management" in the left menu, you can see each submitter's host name and IP address.

* The host names and IP addresses change each time you access on internet depending on the the provider you are using. This means you cannot completely block a particular individual.

When you specify several host names and IP addresses, divide them with a space or make a new line for each of them.

Please be careful that if the column is left empty, the access restriction is disabled.

This function can be set only on PC.

After the setting is completed, click on "Reflect the Setting".





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