Manual Let's use a template!

Let's use a template!
05 /19 2010
Let's use a template!
1. Editting templates
(1) Enable/Disable the Template Function
♦ When you enable the template function, the template type will be applied.
♦ When you disable the template function, the BBS you have set in the Easy Design Setting will be applied.

(2) Editting  templates
FC2 does not offer the technical support about editting templates. Please do it by your self responsibility.
If you have trouble or do not know how to do after editting templates, please disable the template function.

2. List of shared templates
The lshared templates are displayed in the list, and you can "preview", "download" and also view "the creator's BBS ".

(1) Preview: You can reflect the template on your own BBS and confirm it.
(2) Download: You can download a template. The downloaded template will be added to the list of user templates on the "Editting template" page.

(3) The creator's BBS: It is linked to the BBS of the template creator.

3. Applying your original templete to the Shared Template
You can apply a template you made to the shared template.
Once it is approved, it will be open to the list of shared template and other FC2 BBS users (as well as the administror) can download and use it.

(1) How to apply the registration to the shared template
Upload the template you want to apply to the user template list beforehand.
And also enter the following things;

♦ Name of the template: (It must be your original template.)
♦ Description of the template: Explain the template up to 256 letters.
♦ Thumbnail Image: [jpg][png][gif] can be uploaded up to 20KB. 
                                   A thumbnail image is displayed by 90x90 height x width.




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